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(Click On Any Image To View The Entire Collection Within That Gallery)
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This collection represents my most recent works.

Peruse this gallery to see iconic historical neon signs from the "Mother Road".  So many of these wonderful roadside icons have been lost to history.  Many of the original signs, particularly of the early years, were not even photographed in color!  some are only recorded on vintage postcards.   This is my way of preserving for history these amazing icons of Americana.   

This gallery included images of real historic neon signs found from my home state of Florida where "Googie" mid-century architecture and roadside attractions had a huge heyday.  

Neon From History, is a collection of works most most often from signs that are no longer in existence.  The artist scours historic sources for archived images from every city she visits in order to bring back to vivid living color those icons most cherished by the community.


In this collection, the paintings are all what I call "Visual historical fiction." Though they are based on icons and fonts which typify of the era, these signs never existed anywhere at any time except in the imagination of the artist, and now in a beautiful watercolor work of art for you! 

Peruse this gallery to see more historical fiction neon signs in generic designs. They are designed to offer something for everybody whatever their interest. Hey, everybody's got a mom, right!?  Here is a tribute to mom in the quintessential tattoo of all time, the sacred heart image. Won't your mom be happy?  

Too often the culture is advertising things of inferior value.  
The things we too often don't need, while the most important and most valuable things are overlooked in large measure, or left to erode.  I find the concept of high"lighting" values and virtues through a take-off on the visual communication which is so common to us, to be an effective and intriguing means of cultural and artistic statement about those values.   

This gallery contains images from both private and corporate collections.  Some have been commissioned pieces, designed specific to a patron, and are deeply personal.  Others, have been purchased from the artist's general collection of works. In either case, an "Alison Original," is a work of beauty from the heart of the artist to you.  

What would you like to see in neon?